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Sifu John Hum began his Kung Fu training at the age of eight in Montreal's Chinatown, at the insistence of his grandfather, Fen Kin Hum, a well-known Hung Gar stylist from the village of Toi San, Canton province.

During his post-university travels to Taiwan, he met a group of Chinese Canadian students who happened to be studying at the same Mandarin school. They told him about a dynamic Praying Mantis master with whom they were practicing with at the Confucius Temple in Taipei. At his behest, they formally introduced him to Master Su Yu Chang (Pachi Tanglang Chuan Martial Arts Institute). Sifu Hum immediately knew that Master Su was no ordinary teacher; his skill level and attitude towards life were exactly what Sifu Hum had been seeking for so many years.

He studied Praying Mantis, Baji, Piqua and Taiji religiously, and after a number of years, became a disciple of Master Su Yu Chang (Pachi Tanglang Chuan Martial Arts Institute). Sifu Hum joined the Wu Tan organization and had the opportunity to learn from some of its famous members, such as Adam Hsu, Dai Sher Tze, James Guo, Jason Tsou and, of course, Grandmaster Liu Yun Qiao.

While in Taiwan, he taught beginners' and intermediate classes at Wu Tan and Taiwan Normal University. He was also involved with training the U.S. Military Police in Taipei. Sifu Hum had some minor parts in a few of the "chop-socky " films of those days. He worked with such actors as Wang Yu (One-Armed Swordsman), Alex Fu Sheng, and a young, unknown Jackie Chan.

After Sifu Hum returned to North America, he, along with his Kung Fu brother, Jason Tsou, taught self-defense techniques to the Massachusetts State Police, and riot control methods to the Massachusetts National Guard. He loves reading about military history especially Napoleon's exploits, and is an adherent of Sun Tze's Art of War treatises. He has written various articles for magazines such as Black Belt and Inside Kung Fu.

Sifu Hum's goal has always been to search out the best masters available and to absorb as much information as possible, given the time restrictions that life imposes. He has never considered himself a master, but always a student with an unquenchable thirst for more knowledge. His philosophy is that Kung Fu is a never-ending learning process, and one can only attempt to master and understand a miniscule portion of all the available information.

He finds that the most rewarding part about teaching is how, through Kung Fu, he has been a positive influence in the lives and dreams of some students. There is an everlasting teacher/student bond that does not exist in many modern-day schools.

Sifu Hum has black belts in Shotokan Karate and Tae Kwon Do, and has also studied Kajukenpo, Judo, Wing Chuan, Muay Thai and Shuai Jiao.